About me

I began my career in 1999 as a graphic designer in Sydney. I moved to London in 2003 and began to take photos of my travels. It was then that i remembered that I loved taking photos in high school and had some how lost that interest. Enjoying photography more and more, I decided to look into it as a career. I begun to learn the technical side - doing courses everywhere and anywhere and once they became repetitive I began working as an assistant where I could.
I have been taking photos professionally since 2009, beginning as many photographers do in portraiture, then moving into weddings. Following an assisting assignment with a prominent architecture & landscapes photographer it hit me like a bolt of lightening - I finally found what I was truly looking for. It combined my past interests in architecture, design and photography - I loved what photographing buildings was all about - understanding their character, form & function and getting to spend time within these spaces excited me so much.
Although largely an architecture, interiors & surrounds photographer, I am also open to portraiture & still work the occasional wedding as well!
If you would like to discuss an upcoming project or would simply like to chat about photography, art or architecture, please feel free to drop me an email or give me a buzz anytime.

"we worked with the team to roll-out the creative marketing campaign, which included outstanding photography that Metropolis commissioned and a premium print finish for the IM. This is a great example of where it pays to get great photography."
Metropolis Inc, www.metropolisinc.com.au